Inchart is an add-in for AutoCAD for creating offshore survey alignment charts. It allows series of high quality charts to be generated and operated on from a simple yet highly configurable user interface.

Inchart 3d

Inchart Features

  • Runs inside AutoCAD
  • Options to create PaperSpace or ModelSpace charts
  • Performs operations on a virtually unlimited number of charts simultaneously
  • Panels and data on existing charts can easily be regenerated at any time without side-effects
  • Geographic Latitude / Longitude grid on planviews from in-built geodetic functionality
  • Easily configured to import data from ASCII files in any format
  • Previews of panels and data
  • Automatic generation of charts along routes
  • Chart specific information stored directly inside drawings
  • Automatic trimming of data to panels upon adding it to charts
  • Panels / data may be generated as blocks, xref's or entities
  • Variable text with configurable automatic and user defined data fields
  • Key plan functions

Supported chart components

  • Plan view panels with geographic ticks / graticules
  • Split plan view panels / Proifile Panels
  • Longitudinal profile panels
  • Cross profile panels
  • Embedment profile panels
  • Event profile panels
  • Automatic text fields
  • Route / KP flags
  • Grid, Geodesic and Rhumb-line routes supported
  • Matchlines
  • Linear features
  • Point features
  • Geo-referenced images
  • Contours
  • AutoCAD drawings (XRefs or automatically cropped dwgs)
  • Events on plan view and long profiles
  • SBP reflectors
  • key plans
  • Custom blocks overlaid on cross profiles

Inchart is new software and we're keen to improve it as much as possible. If you have any suggestions on how it could be improved or you discover a bug then we'd be very grateful if you'd let us know via the comments form on the contact page.